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Dedicated to improving and impacting people's lives everyday.

Together with client organizations, we design products and services that impact people's lives so profoundly they can’t imagine living any other way.
Keeping up with the Pace of Change

Keep Up with the Pace of Change

You are living in a world where the pace of change is not evolutionary, but revolutionary.

New models and methods of working will reshape the way you do business across industries, communities, and cultures. This new landscape presents you with both great opportunities and great challenges to meet and exceed market and consumer expectations.
While incremental changes might help you solve minor problems, the ILT Innovation Lab will help you explore novel ideas that could revolutionize the world and positively impact people’s lives in profound and unexpected ways.

What We Do

The ILT Innovation Lab focuses on three main areas: co-innovation, transformation, and design innovation. Co-innovation: we work alongside you and your team to tackle your biggest challenges. Transformation: we work alongside you and your team to transform your organization. Design Innovation: we work alongside you and your team to bring new products and services to market.

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The ILT Innovation Lab lives at the intersection of business, technology, and customer insights. Super charge the breakthrough thinking of your team to find the “golden nugget” of opportunity. Empower everyone at your organization to innovate more effectively.

We will work with you and your team to move you from traditional solution-based thinking to a culture of creative experimentation, measurement, and discovery of working possibilities in a sea of possible opportunities.

The Art of Possible
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The Art of the Possible

We empower people and organizations to discover what is and define what could be.

We work with companies and organizations on grand transformational challenges that affect organizations, communities, and geographies.

We work with groups that have identified an actionable challenge, but are not sure what could be, what should be, what is needed to create the outcomes they desire, and how to get there.

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Design Innovation

Designing the Future Today

We design human-centered products, services, spaces, and organizations that empower communities, cities, and geographies.

We help companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs touch the lives of their customers by developing products and services that create positive impact.

From 5-day sprints to multi-week projects, we start with your organization’s toughest challenges and biggest opportunities to identify needs, prototype concepts and help bring your organization’s biggest opportunities to market.

5 day to multi-week design sprints

Identify needs, prototype concepts and help bring your oganizations biggest opportunities to market

Designing the Future Today
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Work sessions to identify what’s important. Define the outcomes, insights, patterns, and assets in your situation.




Identify the projects we need. Conduct design-sprints to create, design, develop, experiment, and get customer feedback.



Products & Programs

Develop products and programs to activate the people, products, and services we’ve concepted and designed.

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