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The Connected Club

“The health club of the future is the one that seamlessly merges the physical and digital world.”

The Problem

  • Fitness facility utilization hasn’t changed in 25 years.
  • Boutiques and digital apps are one-dimensional and disconnected from peoples changing fitness needs and interests.
  • Health & fitness data alone leaves people unfulfilled, uninspired and confused when searching for personalized solutions.

The Opportunity

To connect with our members in an ongoing and intelligent way that matches their evolving goals, aspirations and needs inside and outside the club.

The Vision

  • A connected experience that transforms the way people integrate health and fitness into their lives.
  • Smart products are the baseline, Intelligent products are the new expectation.
  • Personalization at scale is the game changer.
  • Customer centricity is the #1 focus.
connected fitness club

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